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We endeavor to introduce people to, and make worshipers of the biblical Jesus. Jesus told us that to do this we must make disciples, which is a committed follower of Him.
Because this is the case you can expect us to love you in the following ways:


God’s desire for this world is that they would be reconciled to Himself and enjoy relationship with Him. God the Father ensured that we would have a way to be reconciled to Him by sending His own Son to take the penalty we deserve by dying in our place and making payment for our sin. God displayed such an incredible love for this world in sending His own Son to pay for our sin and wants for us to know Him in a saving way. To read the details on the biblical gospel, the good news of Jesus Christ, and how it is that you can know Him who gives eternal life, please click here.
Life can be very confusing when someone comes to know Jesus for the first time. It is for this reason that God desires us to be in community with His people in order that we can help each other in our walk with Jesus. Not only does God desire us to get together on Sunday mornings to worship Him, He desires that we get together in many different contexts. The main community ministries at Refuge Church are our House Church, Men’s, Women’s and Youth Ministries. Please follow our connect tab to get connected to a community of believers at Refuge
Jesus said that all the commands of God can be summed up by Loving God and Loving people. Godʼs desire for us as his people is to serve one another with the same kind of love that He has for us. God not only gave us the command but also gave the Holy Spirit to all who receive Christ as  Savior to help us obey the command. At Refuge we want to help people obey Jesus by serving his people. It is our desire to help people discover their spiritual gifts God gave for service in our EQUIP class. For more information on EQUIP please follow the Train tab.
Although all of Godʼs people are called to serve in some way shape or form by using the spiritual gifts that God gave them, some have been given gifts of leadership. At Refuge Church it is our desire to raise up and empower servant leaders through our School of Ministry. If you believe that God has given you gifts of leadership and want to receive more information on our School of Ministry, please follow our Train tab

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