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Know Jesus

What’s wrong with us?


There is something deep down in the human heart that knows that this life isn’t the way that it’s supposed to be. No matter how fully you give yourself to work, family, possessions, or experiences, nothing is ultimately satisfying. It’s like there’s a gaping emptiness that’s screaming to be filled. What’s wrong with us?


In the beginning, God created all things and called them good. This is definitely not how things are today, but we know from the pages of the Bible that it was at one time created perfect and good. What went wrong? How did we go from a brilliantly good creation to an undeniably evil one?


The answer is as simple as it is pervasive: sin. Sin, which is the word the Bible uses for anything contrary to the good and perfect nature of God, came from outside of God’s creation through Satan in the Garden of Eden. At the dawn of mankind, Satan tempted our first human mother, Eve, to believe the same lies that we fall into now: That God isn’t good, that His word can’t be trusted, and that we can be the “gods” of our own lives. When Eve believed this lie and her husband Adam followed suit, they submitted themselves to the authority and leadership of Satan. This event changed the world as God had created it. Sin spread like a virus throughout mankind, making the very nature of mankind corrupted. Essentially, we became contrary to God by nature and choice. Why does evil exist? Because we exist, and deep down we actually enjoy practicing evil.


This is the reason that God sent Jesus, the promised Seed, on the greatest rescue mission that the world has ever known. In the first chapters of God’s word, right after the fall of Adam and Eve and the subsequent curse on all things created, God promised that He was going to send “the Seed of the woman” to crush the headship of Satan over creation. All throughout Scripture, this promised Seed was whispered of and longed for. He is the dream and desire of Abraham, Moses, Isaac, Jacob, King David, and all who longed to see creation renovated and restored.

You need forgiveness.


We must make this personal. The story of creation, fall, and redemption in Jesus must invade our lives and become our story. We have to realize and confess that we have a natural bent toward sin and that we need Jesus to forgive, heal and change us. The Bible tells us that we are all under condemnation because we have all broken all God’s laws in our thoughts and in our actions. The beauty of our God is that even though all these things are true of us, God’s love for this world and all the people in it is extraordinary. He loves this world so much that He sent His only Son to take the penalty of our sin. The Bible says that the wages of sin are death. This means that you and I deserve the death penalty. But Jesus, being the awesome God that He is, came and suffered death for all of those who were held captive by it. He suffered in our place for our sin when He hung on the cross. He willingly laid down His life to death and was buried, but three days later, He rose from the dead to proclaim his victory over death and ability to forgive all those who are dead in sin. Through simple faith in this work, Jesus saves dead sinners like me.

Jesus alone provides forgiveness.


Our culture loudly and emphatically shouts that all roads lead to Heaven, that every religious faith has a part of one, big truth. If this is the case, then Jesus isn’t a Savior, but a liar. He said in John 14:6 that He is the way, the truth, and the life. He said that nobody comes to the Father but through Him. The door of salvation is exclusive, but Jesus flung it wide open when He rose from death. He offers new life to all who would come to Him in faith. The only one who will remain separated from the love of God is the one who says to Jesus, “No thank you. I don’t need your forgiveness.” Who would you rather believe? A dead religious teacher who claimed special insight into the things of God, or the Man who died and rose from death in vindication of His claims to deity?


Friend, nobody stands between you and the door but you. Jesus has cleared the way. All you need do is answer the call of God in Christ: Enter my rest! Come further up! Come further in!