Refuge Church | Refuge Church- Ogden Utah House Church Ministry
Refuge Church in Ogden, Utah gathers each Sunday to open the Bible together and scatters city by city into small groups called House Churches. Join us this week in Ogden and beyond!
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House Church

The Bible uses the language of adoption to describe our salvation (Rom. 8:15; Eph. 1:5; 1 Jn. 3:1-2). You may join a family naturally at birth, but you join a new family at your new birth in Christ, the body of Christ. This has profound implications for how we are to live and grow in the community of faith, the local church. If we are family, then we should act like it! At Refuge Church, one of the chief ways we carry this out is in House Church communities, small groups that meet from city to city throughout the week for dinner, prayer, encouragement, and community. House Churches look like families in 3 ways:

Families eat together.

There’s something about sharing a meal that draws people together. A shared meal is a picture of unity as each person at the table is strengthened with the same food. At a House Church meeting, you’ll break bread (or burritos) together each week to slow down and enjoy one another.

Families pray together.

A large portion of our time in House Church is devoted to praying for and with each other. This is one of the best way to share your joys and struggles with your family in Christ. We often find that prayer for one another within the House Church spills over into prayer throughout the week.

Families grow together.

On Sunday mornings, we preach the Bible sentence-by-sentence, praying that God would take ground in your heart through the power of the Gospel. However, unless this air war is followed by occupying boots on the ground, it’s hard to keep the ground that is won. In House Churches, our goal is to occupy this territory in community with application-focused, response-centered sermon discussion.


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