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At Refuge Church in Ogden, Utah, we are disciples of Jesus living for cross and crown. We believe that everything was created by Jesus and for Jesus, and that the Bible is all about him. So every Sunday, we like to simply open and teach verse-by-verse through books of the Bible, worship through loud, energetic music, and get to know each other over a great cup of coffee. Nestled in the heart of Ogden city, we are body of Christians who welcome everyone in the community to come and see. Join us this Sunday!
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Bair Family

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Jeremy was part of the church planting team that planted Refuge Church in January of 2010. He served as an assistant pastor for 2 years and the senior pastor for another 2 years. But earlier in 2014 God called Jeremy and his family to be missionaries in Hungary.


Jeremy now serves at Calvary Chapel Bible College Europe in Vajta, Hungary where he works alongside a team of missionaries who are involved in discipleship and training of the next generation of missionaries and church planters. The specific areas of opportunity Jeremy is involved in are:


Jeremy serves with a team of Pastors who help people from all over the globe achieve the goal of receiving their Bachelor’s Degree through the  3 year accredited program (GTF). Jeremy has taught the gospel of Mark, Spiritual Leadership and is preparing to teach the book of Acts in the Spring of 2016


At CCBCE all the students and staff live on site providing a unique context for “life-on-life” discipleship opportunities. Students and missionaries get to come into the home and experience real life together. He gets to help shape the character of Jesus’ future servants as they all live life in such close proximity together as Jesus’ disciples did with him.


At it’s core, the nature of CCBCE is that of preparing future missionaries and church planters both on the field, for the field. Because of this we attract a high concentration of potential leaders who desire to be future influences for Christ’s Kingdom through both the 1 year Mission Program and the 3 year accredited program. Jeremy get’s the unique opportunity of working alongside some of the most gifted leaders in Christ’s church to teach, mold and equip future leaders to have influence for Jesus.


For reasons both legal to Hungary and biblical in example Jeremy and His family live 100% buy the support of YOUR financial gifts. This means that you have the opportunity to share in the fruit that is being yielded on the fields of Europe through the ministry of the Bair Family.


To partner with them on mission in Eastern Europe please click DONATE below. You will be directed to GO! Ministries website where you can set up either a one time gift or an automatic monthly deposit.

The Bair Family Account Number is 1332


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